October News [Updated Yet Again!]:

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Take 3 on the October News mailshot!

The following is the annual members’ poll to help us gauge which events you are interested in so that we can start planning and costing them and to group you in WhatsApp chat groups where we prevent event-specific information per group. Please complete it before the 30th November. Needless to say, those intending to participate in the Universal Peace Walk 1543AD of 27th November, please reply before the end of October. Thank you:

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I am interested in participating in the following events
By checking the above boxes there is no commitment to participate at this stage. However, we kindly ask you to select prudently because we use this poll to plan logistics, accommodation etc and also impacts pricing.Please do not select events that you already know you would not be able to attend. We use this poll to start populating WhatsApp groups for each event where further information per event would be provided. Thank you.

This link provides a brief overview of the overseas events:

We thank all those who registered for the Information Meeting to describe / discuss the overseas trips on 22nd October 2022 at 18:30. This will be followed by a Get-together Dinner (fundraiser) at 19:30 in the Pembroke church precinct. The fund-raiser dinner is priced at Euros 15 payable directly to the Parish organisers during the event.

Current News

The 3-day Round Gozo trek (1st – 3rd October 2022) on behalf of Hospice Gozo was a great success! We are grateful that the Hospice foundation have asked us to lead this them and also grateful for Don Pace and John Darmanin who agreed to lead this trek. We’re grateful also for XirCammini members who have participated in this and other Hospice events this weekend. Let us keep supporting them in their very worthy cause.

We are also overwhelmed by the support that we have received by Regjun Punent, the regional association of local councils of the western region in Malta when walking the western region of the Universal Peace Walk on 16th September 2022. We will be walking the full Universal Peace walk in November 2022. In the meantime work on the signs continues. I also wish to thank Fr. Walter Vassallo ofm who is working on an app of the Universal Pleace Walk 1543AD. We hope to release this before the end of the year.

A special thanks also to Mark Mifsud for helping with finalising the accounts of XirCammini.

Oct 2022 – Sept 2023 Annual Itinerary

We are pleased to present you with the annual calendar of trekking. This has over 60 trekking activities, 10 of which are overseas. More information on the overseas trekking events will follow in the meeting of the 22nd October at 18:30 in the Pembroke Parish Centre. Please complete the above form by Sunday 16th October if you intend to attend.

With a few exceptions, we are streamlining our local walks to our customary Wednesday evening (19:00) walk and to Saturday afternoon (14:00). We have also included a few social events since these have gone down well in the past.

The overseas activites are:

  1. Trekking Fra le Vigne – Tenuta Regaliali & Palermo, Sicily (February, 2023) with the possibilty of adding a couple of days before to hike in Tindari and Rocca di Novara (Novara di Sicilia)
  2. Via De La Plata (Ourense to Santiago de Compostela) (Mar 2023)
  3. Camino Portungues (Mar/April 2023) from Porto to Santiago de Compostela
  4. Camino Portugues (April 2023) from Tui to Santiago de Compostela
  5. Pantelleria, (Early to mid-May 2023)
  6. Cammino di San Francesco from La Verna to Assisi (May/June 2023)
  7. Pollino and Sila, Italy – Trekking, Kayaking and Rafting (Jun/Jul 2023)
  8. Tochar Phadraig (St. Patrick’s Camino) and other Irish Walks, (Aug 2023), Ireland.
  9. Transumanza, Abbruzzo, Italy (Sept 2023)
  10. Camino de San Salvador from Leon to Oviedo, Spain (Sept 2023).

In Malta, in addition to the Official Launch of the Universal Peace Walk 1543AD (on its 480th anniversary) we will also walk the Victoria Lines again and also introduce a “Round Malta” over 3 Days. These local trekking events will be subject to prior booking since we would need to cater for transport and/or accommodation.

This is the updated full itinerary on pdf for you to download: