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Becoming a XirCammini Member: Participating in Europe’s Cultural and Historical Heritage through Trekking

XirCammini is a voluntary, membership-based, organization. If you are interested in joining as a member we look forward to hearing from you.

The annual membership fee is 20 Euros per person per annum. Members are invited to renew annually (Jan – Dec term) in the preceding November and December of each year.

Any new applications or late renewals outside this period are still subject to Euros 20 (not pro-rata) membership fee from the time of joining until to the end-of-year renewal season.

Any memberships not renewed by 31st December will be deemed to be lapsed and respective details removed from the members’ mailing list.

Payments will only be accepted via electronic transfer to the XirCammini bank account mentioned in the application below. We are not accepting cheque or cash payments anymore. When settling, please also quote your name and reason for payment (in this case new or renewal membership fee) in the payment reference field.

Revolut / Mobile Payments

Many are familiar with mobile and Revolut payments. These are still possible modes of payment to our bank account.

For Revolut please follow these instructions: tap ‘Payments’ → ‘Transfers’ → ‘Send’ → ‘+ New’ → ‘Add a bank recipient’. When asked to add the bank transfer detail, these are:
Name: XirCammini
Bank: APS Bank
Address: you can input just Malta if requested.
The important thing to input is the IBAN number: MT43APSB77013000000042921110018

We thank you for your continued support through your membership because membership contributions enable us to work on new heritage hiking projects locally and overseas.

Apply for Membership

To apply for membership please fill in this form:

XirCammini Membership Form
Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form.
I am interested in becoming a XirCammini member. I have paid the Membership Fee of 20 Euros:
The Recipient Account name is XirCammini. Please include your name and surname in the payment reference. The annual (new or renewal) fee is Euros 20 until further notice.

For further information please write to

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