Becoming a XirCammini Member: Participating in Europe’s Cultural and Historical Heritage through Trekking

XirCammini is voluntary, membership-based, organisation.

In less than a year we have surpassed a 100 active members joining regularly in our local and overseas trekking experiences, projects and found raising activities.

If you are interested in joining as a member or in joining one of our events we look forward to hearing from you.

Currently (until December 2020) the annual membership fee is waived.

In addition to participating in XirCammini trekking events and social activities, members also enjoy

  • discounts from
    1. Surplus and Adventure Stores in Mosta and Fgura (;
    2. from Eurosport, B’Kara (;
    3. Alessandro Shoes, Naxxar (
    4. Online shopping from Cotswold Outdoor ( by virtue of our partnership with the UK Confraternity of St. James.
  • our partnership with the Confraternity of St. James (UK)
  • Opportunity to participate in Volunteer hospitalero training and placements; and
  • A say in planning / selection of and early notification of overseas trekking itinerary;
  • Participation in our overseas trekking experiences;
  • Election of up to 2 of our directors during the General Meetings;
  • Updates, news, links and think-pieces related to trekking and/or ancient pilgrimages.

For further information or to apply for membership please write to