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We are on the eve of the New Year 2023 and what beaufitul promises this year holds for the XirCammini community!

Overseas Events

The closest upcoming overseas events are all open for registration. Please follow the links below for more information and to register/settle deposit:

  1. Sicilia Mare, Neve & Vino 9 – 12th Feb 2023: This was recently withdrawn from registration because the AirMalta flight of 9th Feb a.m. is not available at economical prices! There are still some places available if you wish to join us and we have organised transport for those booking the AirMalta flight of 9th Feb p.m. flight (KM3646/KM643) to join the a.m. group at the first evening’s accommodation so that on 10th Feb a.m. we set out for the snow-shoeing expedition followed by the weekend trekking in the vigne Regaliali. If you are interested in apply there are 6 places left. Please follow this link to apply. 
  2. Via de la Plata: This is a lovely Camino from Ourense to Santiago de Compostela and we have updated daily route and elevation information for those considering joining this trek. If you are interested in applying please register by following this link.
  3. Camino Portugues (2 weeks from Porto or 1 week from Valenca/Tui): Route and elevation information has been updated for these Caminos as well. To register your interest please follow either of these links: Porto | Valenca.

We look forward to receiving your online registration for any of the above if you are interested.

Local Trekking Events

Registrations for the Round Comino (Feb) trek and the 12th March Universal Peace Walk 1543AD are steadily coming in. Thank you.

Calendar of Events Update

We have noticed that the meeting point on most local events was not previously picked up and as a consequence prior to walks we were receiving several inquiries as to commencement point of walks. We apologize for this. The Q1-2023 walks in the Events Calendar on the website have all been updated with the starting point. We will continue to update events in subsequent quarters as the year unfolds. 


Throughout 2022 registered membership grew from around 125 members to close to 300 members, However, this was largely due to an opportunistic take-up of membership arising either out of persons who either viewed the membership fee as a necessary cost to travel with us and/or others taking advantage of the waiver of the membership fee during the Covid-19 period and the subsequent year. While these reasons are understandable, they do not really embrace the spirit of XirCammini. XirCammini is a voluntary, not-for-profits, membership-based association and funds collected from membership fees go mainly towards the projects that we are working on (the fruit of which we have started to see in 2022 and will continue to flourish in 2023 and beyond). You membership contribution contributes to making available more heritage walks in Malta and to connecting Malta to the rest of Europe. The two current examples are the Universal Peace Walk 1543AD and the Camino Maltes. Others are in the pipeline for 2023. And, in what we do, we endeavour to do well with the collective participation of volunteer members by delivering information, websites and apps to accompany these heritage walks. Your contribution also enables us to minister to pilgrims who are endeavoruing to walk the Camino de Santiago by providing Credencials and useful information on behalf of the International Federation of the Associations of the Way, of which XirCammini is the Malta representative.  Additionally, we continue to develop walks overseas, such as the Tochar Phadraig, Cammino di San Francesco and other Caminos for our members.

We close the year with > 200 registered members, a net gain of almost 80 members from this time last year. This is indeed encouraging and fills us with strength and optimism to continue growing XirCammini on behalf of all members and on behalf of Malta.

Office and Chapel

As work on XirCammini projects takes off at an unprecedented pace, it is felt that now a XirCammini office is warranted. This can also serve as a meeting place for members in future. While we have always had a registered address this was not previously developed as a fully-fledged office. Work on it has now began and we envisage that the office will be up and running before the end of Q1-2023. We must stress that none of your membership contributions are being used for office space, admin, salaries etc. A simple mathematical calculation attests to this. Your membership contributions currently fully and only supports the work mentioned in ‘Membership’ above. Providence takes care of the rest. As part of the office we will also have a very small chapel called ‘Camino Chapel, (Kappella tal-Vjagg). If you allow your imagination to substitute the mirrors in the mahogany frames with paintings and overlook the fact that some housekeeping and plastering/painting is warranted, these photos provide a glimpse of what the chapel will be like. The icon of St James, painted by XirCammini member Tiziana Farrugia, and donated prior to XirCammini prior to the Camino Portugues in 2021, will have pride of place in the chapel; as will the St. James door knob donated after the Camino Primitivo in 2022. Thank you.

Camino Maltes Press Conference: 9th January 2023

The event is heavily subscribed but there may still be a few seats available. Please register by following this link. Registration is free but necessary because space is limited. The event will give you the opportunity to also interact with visitors from the associarions of the Cammino di San Giacomo in Sicilia and from the Camminu St. Jacu, Sardinia as well as from the UK Confraternity of St. James in addition to local mayors and government entities that are supporting this initiative as well as representatives of other local walking groups/associations.

Until the next time ..

Please allow us to wish you and your loved ones a healthy, peaceful and prosperous New Year. Life’s a journey | keep walking | keep smiling | keep safe | God bless …. James & Tucc