XirCammini, as the Malta representative of the Associations of Friends of the Way of St. James, has received the following message and announcement from the Xunta de Galicia to share with our members, pilgrims and Camino aficionados.

More information, not only in terms of Covid-19 updates in Galicia but about the continuous work of the Xunta de Galicia can also be found on

Dear President.

Following instructions from the First Vice President of the Xunta de Galicia, I am enclosing a report on the situation of COVID19 on the Camino de Santiago. In this report, you will see the actions implemented by the Government of Galicia and their impact on pilgrims in our region, as well as reference to the main information resources on COVID19 in our region.

I hope that this information will be useful for your association.

Yours sincerely

Ildefonso de la Campa Montenegro, Managing  Director


29 January 2021.


After the publication of DECREE 8/2021, of 26 January, adopting measures in the territory of the Autonomous Community of Galicia to deal with the healthcare crisis, under the condition of competent delegated authority within the framework of the provisions of Royal Decree 926/2020, of 25 October, declaring a state of alarm to prevent the spread of infections caused by SARS-CoV-2:
, its impact on the Camino de Santiago is as follows:

  1. Limitation on the entry and exit of people to and from the territory
    of the Autonomous Community of Galicia
    from another region of Spain or from foreign countries, except for the exceptions set forth in this decree, from 00:00 on 27 January to 00:00 on 17 February.
  2. Limitations on the entry and exit of people to and from the territory of each of the municipalities of the Autonomous Community of Galicia, except for the exceptions set forth in this decree, from 00.00 on 27 January 2021 until 00.00 on 17 February.
  3. Closure of the public network of pilgrim hostels from 00:00 on 27 January 2021 until 00:00 on 17 February.


To access up-to-date information on the pandemic situation and anti-COVID measures in the municipalities of Galicia, visit the Health Council of the Xunta de Galicia’s website:


As indicated in point 1, the public network of pilgrim shelters will be closed from 00:00 on 27 January 2021 until 00:00 on 17 February.



Radar COVID is an application designed by the Government of Spain to help prevent the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). Radar COVID anonymously notifies you of possible contact that you may have had in the last 14 days with a person who was infected. In the case that this contact occurred, it enables easy communication with public health. is an application designed by the Xunta de Galicia to help keep citizens safe from COVID-19. PassCovid complements RadarCovid and allows you to: consult information of interest; receive notifications if you were in an establishment of risk due to the concentration of infections; communicate any positive COVID-19 diagnosis you may have to contacts you had and the places you visited; and find your Radar COVID code.

It allows you to check the updated status of restrictions in Galicia’s different municipalities.

It enables you to immediately receive important information, to consult the recommendations and to find information about the current state of the pandemic in Galicia.


The Xunta de Galicia has launched the Camino Seguro (Safe Camino) programme, an initiative that promotes pilgrimages adapted to the current health situation through a comprehensive protocol of action on Jacobean routes in Galicia.

This programme has established a series of measures for pilgrims and professionals, management entities or volunteers who work on the Jacobean Route.

You can find the protocols, plans and support materials through the following links:

Information for professionals and management entities:

Information for pilgrims:

Grace: It doesn’t rain. It pours

Xunta de Galicia Christmas Card

2020: What a Year!

What could have happened but didn’t!

I have written before and will reiterate it again, “If you want to make God laugh, share with him your plans!”

Having launched XirCammini last year, 2020 was the year when we really should have taken off in terms of local and overseas trekking. In 2019 we walked together in Malta on a weekly basis and travelled on Spanish Caminos (Camino Primitivo and Camino Inglés x 2), 5 Celtic Caminos (x2), Via Jacobi in Switzerland, St. Augustine’s Camino in Kent, UK, various short trekking trips to Sicily and also a 2-week end-of-year trekking trip in Sri Lanka where we immersed ourselves in a completely different culture. Late in 2019 we also undertook training to support the UK Confraternity of St. James with volunteers in 2020 to help run a donativo albergue on the Camino Norte that CSJ administers.

We even started 2020 well with a couple of hiking trips in Sicily.

Then Covid-19 struck!

The rest of the itinerary for 2020, i.e. Caminos in France, Spain, Slovakia, Ireland, Italy and a repeat of Sri Lanka, as well as the much-awaited Universal Peace Walk® that we had to launch in March 2020 all had to be shelved. Initial despair gradually turned to a stoic acceptance of what we could not change.. and the year ambled on.

 What did happen!

Wed Walks in Summer

2020 gave us more time for quiet reflection. At a personal level we had more time for our loved ones. We also had time to sort the wheat from the chaff and re-evaluate what is really important in our lives.

For XirCammini, we learned to adapt to the harsh reality of not being able to walk in large groups or trek overseas. It was all part of our journey and not the end of the world.


  1. Urged people to walk solo or in small groups between March and June 2020 and posted photos of solo/small groups of a maximum of 3 persons to encourage others to follow suit;
  2. Immediately helped to recoup and reimburse all accommodation and internal travel deposits in connection with the overseas treks. All were 100% reimbursed thanks to the goodwill of the overseas partner organisation with whom we collaborate;
  3.  Re-commenced weekly groups walks with a bang in June, attracting between 50 – 100 people per weekly walk. Managing these, with leaders and sweepers, were a challenge but they prepared us for what followed and gave us the nucleus of leaders for when Covid-19 proverbial hit the fan again.
  4. Re-0rganised in eight groups of 10 people each (maximum 80 people) with 8 different routes each Wednesday between July until October, following strict Covid-19 protocol.  Despite it being summer the concurrence was very high. People were committed. We managed this thanks to the commitment of the leaders that helped in the planning and led small groups every week.
  5. Continued to provide route advice when the groups of 10 had to be disbanded (6-person limit imposed).

We are encouraged by the fact that people have continued to exercise in fresh air in the company of others and this has proven to be therapeutic during these times of increased stress.

In this respect, XirCammini continues to reiterate that it is not an exclusive group. On the contrary, XirCammini has proven to be a movement urging individuals to walk (whether alone, with us or with others) and also urging others to start leading walks.

Something that really shone through 2020 is a spirit of positivity and altruism.

 Your Generosity: Our Greatest Achievement in 2020

Although the above required planning, effort and commitment, our greatest achievement in 2020 was harnessing the generosity of XirCammini members and friends over the last few weeks.

For this I wish to thank John Darmanin and John Chircop for driving the ‘Lend a Helping Hand’ Initiative and for the Committee’s counsel. But mostly I wish to thank all of you who donated freely towards this worthy cause, including also the volunteers who helped in each of the collection points and in delivering the goods to the inner-harbour parish. 

When grace flourishes it does not rain; it pours. Not only did we fill the parish office but also most of the stairwell of the office. I personally fought back tears when we delivered the goodies, overwhelmed by your generosity.

.. and it does not stop there. Gifts keep on coming in. A pharmacist calling to deliver more boxes, a baby products/clothing firm filling 2 of our cars with an assortment of items as we ponder who best to donate to.

The words, “Thank you” are a very poor vehicle to express the gratitude welling up within.

2021: .. the journey continues

When measures relax again we hope to re-introduce the weekly walks as well as roll out an itinerary for overseas trekking, air-travel permitting. For example, we are keen to walk the Tochar Phadriag for the feast of St. Patrick or trek the Cork Peninsula to Gougane Barra over the Easter Recess and undertake Caminos in Spain and more Celtic Caminos after that. But it all depends on how the situation vis-à-vis, vaccination, air travel and people’s perceptions continue to unfold.

Famous last words: It’s never about the numbers or the destination. It’s all about the experience of the journey. Keep walking | keep smiling | keep safe.

Have faith | We will walk together again

It’s uncanny how all the odds have recently been staked against a pastime that is providing many not only with physical activity in the outdoors but also psychological relief and social networking in smaller groups.


Sadly, following the latest set of Covid-19 related regulations, this week will be the last XirCammini Wed Walk for the time being. The XirCammini Wed Walks will be stopped until further notice. This does not mean that you have to stop walking. We encourage you to continue walking solo or in small groups and if you need ideas of routes please feel free to contact any of the XirCammini group / walk leaders.

Please also post photos (with masks on if of yourself) of walks on the XirCammini FB Group to encourage others to be out and about and to keep spirits high. We can all do with a generous dose of positivity under the current circumstances.

While we would have loved to continue with our Wed Walks, the problem for XirCammini is that we would need to double the number of leaders and walks to handle the same groups each week. We had already regrouped into smaller groups (max 10), taking our Wed walk routes from 1 to 8 every Wednesday. Managing 8 walks (and up to 80 people) each week already had its challenges. For this I would like to thank all of those who stepped up to the plate and volunteered time and energy to lead the smaller groups. I cannot thank you enough.

The new regulations coming into effect this Thursday would mean that we would have to double our Wed Walk itineraries. To manage 16 walks per week and to manage the downside risk (i.e. an infringement even in one group or notification and investigation protocols in case of and an outbreak in one group) poses a significant burden on volunteers relentlessly trying against all odds to make this work. Hence the reason for regretfully having to postpone the Wed Walks until further notice.


Regretfully,  if one is smoking in public then one can do away with the mask.  When jogging, semi-naked, on promenades and spraying sweat over everybody else one does not need to wear a mask. Hunters or trappers on public land requisitioned from the public by the government for the hunters and trappers .. that’s probably also okay. In many cases paths leading to such woodlands have been obliterated making it more difficult to detect any infringements (not just infringements related to Covid-19 regulations) or to apprehend culprits.

But, apparently, Maltese hikers are mere mortals who do not deserve to indulge in physical exercise that also does a wealth of good to their mental state unless they wear masks even in the non-urban outdoors and in small groups and observing social distancing regulations. Everybody else, bikers, cyclists, joggers, and until recently revelers in or outside bars and clubs can be trusted to observe the rules. Foreign outdoor-activity groups (could it be that one solo septuagenarian single-handedly disfigured Malta’s natural heritage with red paint without ‘local’ help?) can also be trusted. But local hikers who have walked the proverbial extra mile, modified and structured weekly walks, and managed them in a way so as to continue this pastime safely .. they are lesser mortals.


Life itself is a journey and every bed of roses is also a bed of thorns. Notwithstanding the odds do not stop walking. Whether solo or in small groups permissible by the law take as much fresh air in the ever diminishing Maltese countryside or close to the sea as you possible can. Positivity is a great medicine. This is scientifically proven. It is also scientifically proven that  exercise in fresh air boosts not only physical but also mental health and wellbeing. Maybe step up to the plate, find a few walking buddies within the allowed regulatory limits, create your ‘bubble of buddies’ and continue with your walks.  Ask for some routes, do whatever it takes and continue walking.

Life is a journey | Keep walking | Keep smiling | And, whatever you do .. stay safe.

Wed Cluster Walks: Ultreya


A fortnight ago, we reluctantly communicated the decision that we would be stopping the weekly ‘Wed Walks’ ( We took the decision with a heavy heart because Wed Walks had started to gain momentum attracting between 50 to 100 walkers each week. As a result of various calls to re-consider, and with the assistance of various persons that stepped up to the plate to lead smaller groups, XirCammini has put in place a calendar and itinerary of walks that rotate per cluster group.


Cluster Groups: How will it work?

Last week we re-communicated through our website and on social media ( that Wed Walks will continue, albeit in a different format, i.e. in groups of 10 on a rotating itinerary of walks. This means that several walks in various parts of Malta will take place each Wednesday evening with group sizes bring curtailed at 10 per group. Persons participating in these groups are persons who answered our poll and/or concurrently interacted with us at the time. Groups and itineraries are now fixed until the end of September when the scheme will be re-evaluated in the light of Covid-19 developments. By now, all persons who interacted with us in this respect would have been allotted an FB Chat group informing them of the leader and fellow group members and of the first walk. We ask for your understanding not to request changes because (a.) putting the whole plan into place was a significant endeavour and (b.) volunteers (who otherwise also have full-time jobs and personal responsibilities) undertake all the work on a voluntary basis by sacrificing personal time.

Thank you.


Risk Management Considerations

Some have asked, “Why all the work (and fuss) when outside events have a 300-person limit?”

If we had to provide one succinct answer to the above question, it would be, “To reduce the probability of spread and to lessen potential consequences in the event of Covid contagion.”

What does this mean?

  1. If you are in a group of 10 persons that does not change from one week to the next, the probability of coming into contact with an infected and/or asymptomatic person is much less than if you are walking with a group of 50 or more people that change each week.
  2. Similarly, if you an asymptomatic carrier the possibility of transmission is to a smaller group of people instead of the whole group. This also significantly reduces the burden on contract tracing and swabbing for the health authorities.

Why have we continued with the walks?

The short reply would be because of an overwhelming response to do so notwithstanding the circumstances.

The underlying response is that – even under normal circumstances – several people are benefitting whether physically, psychologically, emotionally or spiritually when participating in these Wed Walks.

Covid-19 has heightened some of the fears, concerns, anxiety, stress and loneliness and in some cases increased real or perceived isolation. Within this context, these walks have become even more relevant for our well-being.

This being stated, they had to be ‘re-engineered’ to respect the realities we are living in and the directives from health and government authorities in this respect.

Health Directives: Our 10 Commandments.

By participating in these walks, walkers bind themselves to the following directives. Help us to continue providing you with walks:

  1. DO NOT join a walk if you are sick, running a temperature, have a cough, or experiencing trouble to breathe;
  2. DO NOT join a walk if you or persons close to you have recently (i.e. during the last fortnight) returned from overseas from a country with whom there isn’t an established ‘safe-corridor’;
  3. When we meet AVOID ANY FORM of physical contact with others (i.e. shaking hands, hugging, kissing etc.) and try to maintain a 2-metre physical distance;
  4. AVOID touching eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands. Carry and use alcohol-based hand sanitizers, tissues, and other hygiene products constantly on a trek. Please also dispose of these responsibly;
  5. USE soap and water if hands are visibly dirty;
  6. COVER your mouth and nose with a tissue or your sleeve (not your hands) when coughing or sneezing;
  7. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES invite others to join your cluster for the weekly Wed Walk. Cluster leaders have instructions to turn away anyone who is not pre-registered in the respective cluster.
  8. GIVE your leader a telephone number on which you can be contacted in case these are required (a.) for further announcements by your leader and/or (b.) for us to share with Health Authorities if asked e.g. for contact tracing.
  9. By participating in your cluster you are CONSENTING to providing your telephone contact number and to us sharing it with health authorities if required.
  10. You also agree that you are participating freely in such walks and freely assume any risks arising from such walks. You hold XirCammini harmless and free from any liability for any accident, illness, injury, loss or direct or indirect consequences of such accident, illness, injury or loss.

Conclusion: A Word of Thanks.

I want to thank the Committee members who participated in the discussions and assisted in bringing this plan to fruition and also to the persons who kindly offered to lead cluster groups. These walks would not have been possible without their assistance. In choosing leaders, XirCammini:

  1. Decided the overall direction, encouraging a change in thinking;
  2. Empowered people and will continue to support them to achieve;
  3. Provided an overall framework for effective implementation and leader guidance, aligning clusters and facilitating ‘cluster’ decisions;
  4. Created a system that is flexible to respond to changes and improvements.

In other words, this was and will continue to be an exercise of leadership in action.

A lot of thought, planning and execution went into the process. The success of these walks now hinges on response and cooperation of walkers in each group, the ultimate beneficiaries.

Wed Walks: With your help we can carry on!


In our post of yesterday ( we postponed the XirCammini Wed Walks until the end of September because of the prevailing, uncertain Covid-19 situation. However, we have had overwhelming feedback to find a feasible solution that does not involve complete postponement of walks that we were compelled to re-consider.

We understand that the Wed Walk is proving to be beneficial whether physically, psychologically, emotionally and /or socially to several people. At the same time there are significant ‘burdens’ (and understandably so) placed on organisers under the present circumstances.

A compromise to carry on

Coming up with a compromise that (a.) provides an opportunity for individuals to continue to meet and walk in small groups and (b.) respecting our social responsibilities to combat Covid-19 is not easy. But, as XirCammini, we do have a proposal as follows:

  • We roll out Wed Walk Clusters from Wednesday, 112th August but with a big difference.
  • A poll will be published on our social media group platform asking walkers to inform us whether they wish to join the Wed Walks or not. This is a ‘once only’ poll and people who opt out would opt out from now until the end of September (when the situation will be reviewed). THERE WILL BE NO ADDITIONS / CHANGES ONCE THE GROUPS ARE FORMED EVEN IF PEOPLE DROP OUT OR DO NOT TURN UP;
  • The ‘cut off date‘ of the poll is Friday, 7th August 2020. Persons answering after this date will not be included;
  • Those who opt in will be divided into groups of 10 (9 + 1 leader) and they remain in that group until the end of September;
  • Events will be ‘group-specific’ (i.e. for each 10-member group). Persons CANNOT under any circumstance:
    • Change groups; or
    • Invite others to join them

If you do, you and your invited friends will be asked to leave;

  • Anyone joining will have to respect health directives. Group leaders will also be asked to collect phone numbers of each member in their 10-member cluster in case these are required for contact tracing by health authorities;
  • Continuation of walks will always be subject to health authority directives. It is important that we respect directives by the Superintendence of Health at all times;
  • People participate at their own risk. No liability can be accepted by the organisers for any injury, illness, infection or loss occurring during the walks;
  • People are reminded that this is not a leisurely walk. Whoever commits to join commits to maintain a brisk pace and keep up with the group.

Conclusion: Be respectful

For those who intend to join we kindly ask you to be respectful towards your Cluster Leader and Cluster Members as well as to any health directives that are issued from time to time.

For those who opt out for the time being we understand. But, we also ask you to be respectful of those who decide to continue with the XirCammini Wed Walks. There may be a story that we are not privy to behind every face and a reason that we cannot decipher moving every pace.

We may all be on the same journey yet each person’s motive or destination is different.

Covid-19: Keep Calm | Carry on (in smaller groups)

Regrettably we will be stopping the Wed Walks until further notice to respect the spirit of the law in the ensuing Covid-19 situation.

This is clearly articulated by the Superintendence of Health in bold, red script their latest regulations.

We shall re-assess the situation towards the end of September with a view to re-initiating the Wed Walks from Wed October 7th, 2020.

It is a decision reached with a heavy heart especially since, from the June re-opening, each Wed Walk attracted between 50 – 100 walkers. Recognizing the physical, psychological and social benefits of exercising outdoors, we strongly urge people to continue to walk solo or in very small groups (the current regulatory definition of a cluster is 10) and to observe health regulations in doing so. If we can be of assistance with hiking ideas please reach out to us via our FB platform.

In conclusion, the ones most in need of such walks are the ones who are most likely to retreat quietly until publicly available again.

Can I please ask all others to ‘step up to the plate’, take the initiative, call and continue to interact with people to whom these walks offered sanity or a well-being opportunity. We’re all pilgrims on the same journey in life even when calamity prevents us from walking.

latest Directives by the Office of the Superintendent of Public Health

A message from San Juan Bautista, Granon

We received a message from Ms. Marina Saiz,  the person responsible for the running of the much-loved San Juan Bautista albergue in Grañon, in La Rioja, in Spain.

The following is a paraphrase of it:

“Due to the pandemic of Covid-19, we are not going to open the albergue
this summer. Since we are first and foremost a parish, and our priority is to protect the health and well-being of our elderly parishioners in Grañón. 

Therefore, we feel obliged to ask you if you could please warn pilgrims of the risk they inadvertently pose to our elderly parishioners who stand to suffer from a fresh outbreak of Covid-19. Therefore if you were still planning to undertake a Camino this year we please ask you to reconsider.”

Self Care on Common Colds | Flu | Covid-19

The Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector has kindly shared with us, as registered Voluntary Association, the following message / document which you might find of interest.

“The Malta College of Family Doctors has published a Self-Care Guide on Common Colds, Flu and COVID-19 (English and Maltese versions) intended for the use and share of the general public.  

It is intended to be a tool to educate the general public in this time of transition from the COVID-19 pandemic of the last months and in the coming autumn/winter months when the traditional colds and flu might possibly be joined by a second wave of SARS-CoV-2 cases.”  

It is available on

I hope you find this useful.

Be Kind and Respectful: Always | With Everyone | Everywhere

As the first wave of the pandemic that swept swiftly across the globe starts to subside at home, directives start to lift.

That does not mean that we do not need to remain cautious. Every hiker, runner, climber and cyclist knows that a descent can be more treacherous than an incline. Therefore, also as we ‘exit’ the 1st Covid-19 phase we have to do so with care.

In this piece, we will continue to update you on travel, trekking and XirCammini developments as we re-emerge from Covid-19.

Victoria Lines

Local Trekking

We have resumed the Wed Walks (our weekly evening walk appointment) and the turnout was encouraging.

People who join us are being asked to follow 6 simple rules relating to health, hygiene and social distancing in line with Health Authority Directives ( “Local Trekking | Health Directives”)

On Wed 10th June, we walked a South loop (from Xarolla through Ħal Millieri to Providenza, linking back to Zurrieq through Maqluba and tal-Ħniena Sanctuary). The camaraderie and the general atmosphere were incredibly positive.

On Wed 10th June, we walked a South loop (from Xarolla through Ħal Millieri to Providenza, linking back to Zurrieq through Maqluba and tal-Ħniena Sanctuary). The camaraderie and the general atmosphere were incredibly positive.

On Fri 12th June, we walked a West loop (from Bidnija through Zebbiegh to the Bingemma church, linking back to Bidnija through Dwejra and the valley). Again, there was such a positive spirit.

This Wednesday, 17th June we will walk the “Matrici tal-Majjitral” an Mdina – Girgenti loop through the ancient western parishes (Mdina, Zebbug and Siggiewi) listed in the Rollo de Mello 1436.

Beyond Siggiewi (were the parishes of the South: Zurrieq, Bir Miftuh, now Gudja and Casale Sta. Katerina, now Zejtun). The remaining Rollo De Mello parishes were the Mellieha sanctuary to the Northwest, Qormi, Naxxar, Birkirkara, San Lorenzo del Mare (Birgu) and Hal Tartani. Hal Tartani and Mellieha subsequently lost their parish status to be then reinstated some centuries later. Our walk will only pass through the 3 western matriarchal parishes. All of these old parishes (and some others that followed) are referred to as ‘Matrici’ because from them other parishes emerged.

Wed Walk 10th June

Overseas Trekking | Flight Status

All our overseas trekking experiences until the end of September have been cancelled. All deposits collected towards accommodation etc for all overseas treks until the end of 2020 were promptly refunded. We thank overseas trekking associations, NGOs and micro-0rganisations that we collaborate with overseas for their assistance.

Malta has announced a ‘safe corridor’ with various countries and travel will shortly resume. However this does not mean that we can start planning overseas trips. Why? Because some of these countries still have quarantine regulations and or other prohibitive measures in place which do not make it feasible for us to plan trips for the foreseeable future.

It is likely that by mid-August such restrictions to these countries (and more) would have been lifted. However, it is better to plan trips when one has more certainty on flights, destinations, quarantine procedures, accommodation and local transport arrangements etc. A time will come when we can again travel and trek together overseas. Until then we’ll continue with the local activities and continue monitoring the overseas situation in the various countries where we trek.

At the time of writing this piece it is still being recommended by authorities in Spain not to rush and wait until all sectors of the Camino are again open before considering a Camino in Spain. The same applies to other countries. We are constantly monitoring this and will keep members informed.

Cancelled overseas treks, 2020

Famous last Words:

Be Kind and Respectful: Always | With Everyone | Everywhere

Situations (not least Covid-19) can bring out the best or the worst in people.

It is not a secret that – petty as it may sound – unhealthy, albeit petty, rivalry unfortunately also exists among local trekking groups. But, I am concluding this piece with this point because it was raised with me during one of our recent walks.

At XirCammini we welcome anyone who shares our passion for hiking. No questions asked.  Our non-exclusive nature is enshrined on our statute. whether one

  1. walks with us and also walks with other groups,
  2. walks with us and does not walk with other groups or
  3. does not walk with us but walks with other groups

makes no difference.

Everyone is welcomed and / or respected as long as one is always respectful towards others.

We walk together because of the physical, psychological, social and intellectual benefits of this collective pastime. We walk together because so many barriers dissolve and impasses dissipate when we share the road together. A word, a joke, a gesture and even shared silence serve to uplift us.

Let us be kind and respectful always, with everyone everywhere as we share the road and our experiences with fellow-hikers without expecting anything in return. Be grateful, always and everywhere, in the blessing of a shared journey.

Life’s a Journey | Keep Walking | Keep Smiling | Keep Safe.

Life is Fragile; the Camino Eternal.

The Camino has been with us for centuries and will be with us when Covid-19 is over. Our life is more fragile. We can wait out this episode in our life and walk the Camino again when it is safer and more feasible to do so.

The Jacobean Council recommends not doing the Camino de Santiago until all its sections are in the so-called new normality.

Mobility is one of the most complex aspects of de-escalation due to its direct relationship with the probability of contagion.