Wed Walks: With your help we can carry on!

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In our post of yesterday ( we postponed the XirCammini Wed Walks until the end of September because of the prevailing, uncertain Covid-19 situation. However, we have had overwhelming feedback to find a feasible solution that does not involve complete postponement of walks that we were compelled to re-consider.

We understand that the Wed Walk is proving to be beneficial whether physically, psychologically, emotionally and /or socially to several people. At the same time there are significant ‘burdens’ (and understandably so) placed on organisers under the present circumstances.

A compromise to carry on

Coming up with a compromise that (a.) provides an opportunity for individuals to continue to meet and walk in small groups and (b.) respecting our social responsibilities to combat Covid-19 is not easy. But, as XirCammini, we do have a proposal as follows:

  • We roll out Wed Walk Clusters from Wednesday, 112th August but with a big difference.
  • A poll will be published on our social media group platform asking walkers to inform us whether they wish to join the Wed Walks or not. This is a ‘once only’ poll and people who opt out would opt out from now until the end of September (when the situation will be reviewed). THERE WILL BE NO ADDITIONS / CHANGES ONCE THE GROUPS ARE FORMED EVEN IF PEOPLE DROP OUT OR DO NOT TURN UP;
  • The ‘cut off date‘ of the poll is Friday, 7th August 2020. Persons answering after this date will not be included;
  • Those who opt in will be divided into groups of 10 (9 + 1 leader) and they remain in that group until the end of September;
  • Events will be ‘group-specific’ (i.e. for each 10-member group). Persons CANNOT under any circumstance:
    • Change groups; or
    • Invite others to join them

If you do, you and your invited friends will be asked to leave;

  • Anyone joining will have to respect health directives. Group leaders will also be asked to collect phone numbers of each member in their 10-member cluster in case these are required for contact tracing by health authorities;
  • Continuation of walks will always be subject to health authority directives. It is important that we respect directives by the Superintendence of Health at all times;
  • People participate at their own risk. No liability can be accepted by the organisers for any injury, illness, infection or loss occurring during the walks;
  • People are reminded that this is not a leisurely walk. Whoever commits to join commits to maintain a brisk pace and keep up with the group.

Conclusion: Be respectful

For those who intend to join we kindly ask you to be respectful towards your Cluster Leader and Cluster Members as well as to any health directives that are issued from time to time.

For those who opt out for the time being we understand. But, we also ask you to be respectful of those who decide to continue with the XirCammini Wed Walks. There may be a story that we are not privy to behind every face and a reason that we cannot decipher moving every pace.

We may all be on the same journey yet each person’s motive or destination is different.