Local Walks Oct – Dec 2021 | Registration UPDATED 25th October 2021

As promised, we’ve put together the itinerary of local walks between now and the end of the year.

The table is included below.

We will have fortnightly weekend walks (alternating between Sunday morning and Saturday afternoon) and we will continue with our Wed Walks in the evening. These help us break the weekly work routine with a mid-week evening walk. We have also included some full-day walks (these are in bold in the table below):

With the gradual opening up of Covid measures we will not be maintaining a prior, online registration system.

The ones that require registration due to say transport accommodation etc. (Comino, Victoria Lines, Gozo or December overseas) are now closed.

Please check with the list above and turn up at the appointed place for a departure at the indicated time.

Please wear masks while waiting or stationery and also observe a 6-group cluster. Thanks.

We look forward to meeting all of you in some or all of the walks. Life’s a journey | keep smiling | keep walking | Keep safe | God bless.

A Call for Proposals and the SPED 2 Framework

XirCammini has contributed to the discussion called by the Government in relation to outdoor activities by submitting its proposals.

Today was the submission deadline.

Hiking is the most transient of outdoor pass-times that leaves the least negative impact on the environment and arguably provides the most physical, psychological, and social health and well-being results. A pass-time that is on the increase.

Our proposal focuses on three important pillars i.e. Engagement. Education and Enforcement, taking a holistic approach and involving the widest spectrum of stakeholders possible.

Our recommendations are within the framework of SPED 2 Rural Objective 2.

The following is a link to our proposal:

P61 – Matrici tal-Majistral Evening Walk; Mdina – Girgenti Loop

After the re-starting of the Wed Walks on 10th June, we will continue with the next one on 17th June.

We’ll meet next to the Domus Romana for a 7:30 p.m. start. Please be there before. At 07:30 pm we start our walk. Crossing through the village core (ta Giesu, St. Paul’s, St. Agatha’s we’ll continue to tal-Virtu descending into the valley past San Blas and into the Zebbug Village core, past the Parish Church and the Madonna tad-Dawl Church to Where Wied l-Baqqiegha intersects with Wied Hesri. From Wied Hesri we continue through the valley emerging close to Girgenti and looping back to Rabat on Triq it-Tigrija.

We kindly request all those intending to join us to follow the 6 health rules we listed in https://xircammini.org/covid-19/covid-19-keep-calm-carry-on-8/ under “Local Trekking | Health Directives”.

It is a 10km to 12km walk. Please wear comfortable walking shoes (the terrain is mostly even terrain), carry a light and water. Always wear a smile. It suits you. 🙂

This is not a power walk but we do try to maintain a brisk pace.

The Good Times will Return

“Only if you have been in the deepest valley, can you ever know how magnificent it is to be on the highest mountain.” Richard M. Nixon

2 Trips in 02 of 2020

Before Covid-19 hit we managed to undertake 2 overseas trekking trips in neighbouring Sicily – “bis-serqa” (stealthily) as the saying goes in Maltese – over the long weekends of the feast of San Paolo Naufrago and Carnival.

These are the photos – rolled out in a video – of the first of these trekking experiences: Medieval Sicily. A piece on the 2nd trip will follow.

Medieval Sicily Trek

During this hiking experience we visited Raddusa, Castello Gresti (or Castello Pietratagliata) in Aidone, Parco / riserva naturale Rossomanno- Grotta Scura- Bellia, Piazza Armerina and La Valle del Bove on Etna.

We stayed at Torre di Renda which used to be the Bishop’s seat in the 17th century, extending over 130,000 metres of woodlands and nestled in the Erean Mountains in central / south Sicily; waking up every morning to a spectacular sun-rise over the silhouette of Piazza Armerina and its magnificent cathedral.