When Nothing Goes Right, Go Left! Keep Walking, No Matter What!

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A few years ago I was gifted these 2 cortado mugs by someone I then considered a friend. Sadly, time may have proven otherwise (an “Et tu, Brutus!” situation!) but I still cherish them. I look beyond the messenger and cherish the message they deliver, “When nothing goes right, go left!”

The Prevailing Times

The prevailing times of Covid-19, and the wholesale upheaval it has wreaked in all strata of our lives, bear testament to the constant need to adapt to change, to bowing instead of breaking, to flexing instead of fighting, and to live to fight another day.

From Strength to Strength

Never before the current times have we witnessed such a surge in requests to join the XirCammini community of Facebook. It’s a bit of a paradox because we are not organizing any large group walks so as to comply with the spirit of the prevailing health authority regulations. We ceased both the large-group walks as well as the smaller (cluster group walks) last year. Nevertheless, we continue to encourage solo or small group walks in conformity with Health regulations because the importance of exercise and social interaction outdoors for both physical and mental health cannot be overstated. We also continue to share members’ views and news from local and overseas like-minded organizations (such as the Associations of the Way of St. James).

in the midst of all this, the XirCammini community on Facebook has witnessed unprecedented growth; for example, more than 100 new requests in the last fortnight alone. This fills us with gratitude that we are somehow adding value to people’s lives even in these trying times. Thank you.

Upcoming AGM: Please Vote Online

In keeping with the times, the AGM has to be held by a series of polls which we presented to the XirCammini Community of Facebook. These are in the form of announcements, one on approval of the annual report and accounts which we need to submit to the Office of the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations and the other in respect of membership fees which, to date, have been waived:


The Annual Report and Accounts is also posted on our website: https://xircammini.org/financial-reports/

Regarding the membership question, those who have been with us since the beginning of 2018 will recall that, although the statute provides for an annual membership fee, this was waived until the end of 2020. Under the prevailing conditions the committee has decided to extend the waiver and give members the opportunity to choose whether they wish to renew their membership with effect from (a.) 1st July 2021, or (b.) 1st January 2022 or (c.) allow their membership to lapse.

In the meantime (until the first date indicated above) we will continue to build a repertoire of membership benefits so that the value of membership by far outstrips the cost (of Euros 20 annually).

After the cut off dates indicated above, the membership community will continue only for those who have indicated a choice of either (a.) or (b.) to be in full conformity with our registration status with the Office of the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations.

Aligning Membership

To date we have had to strata of membership i.e.

  1. The ‘full’ members are those who have completed written application forms with us, who have participated in our overseas treks in the past, hold a membership card and who have recently even been contacted via email and
  2. Those who only joined the community on Facebook.

As part of the process that we are currently undertaking, the also need to align the 2 tiers above into 1.

Therefore, those who have not received an email from us and wish to continue with their membership please (a.) mark your preference on the poll and (b.) provide us with your email address on information@XirCammini.org. Thank you.

Universal Peace Walk 1543®

You may recall that XirCammini has worked hard to launch the Universal Peace Walk 1543®. We also continue to work on this project despite the Covid-29 set-backs. https://xircammini.org/universal-peace-walk/

Common sense and health directives also compel us not to hold the Universal Peace Walk 1543® this year as a group activity. However, there is nothing stopping XirCammini members, individually or in small groups respecting health authority directives, walking the Universal Peace Walk 1543®.

If you are a XirCammini Member and intend to continue with your membership as indicated above and are interested in walking the Peace Walk, we would be more than happy to provide you with the following:

  1. Credencial printed specifically for the Universal Peace Walk
  2. A leaflet with the route and a brief description of the route and the history/heritage that surrounds it
  3. A .gpx route
  4. A Certificate of Completion

In return we would ask you to take photos for us to then be able to stamp your Credencial and provide the Certificate. We would also ask for oyur permission to upload (or ask you to upload) to the XirCammini Group on Facebook.

We need to stress the importance of solo or small group walking and strict conformity with prevailing Covid-19 health directives.

We would provide the above free of charge to encourage members to enjoy the outdoors, particularly in spring. No donations will be requested but any donations received would be greatly appreciated to support XirCammini’s work.

Life is a Journey | Keep Walking | Keep Smiling | Keep Safe | God Bless