The Good Times will Return

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“Only if you have been in the deepest valley, can you ever know how magnificent it is to be on the highest mountain.” Richard M. Nixon

2 Trips in 02 of 2020

Before Covid-19 hit we managed to undertake 2 overseas trekking trips in neighbouring Sicily – “bis-serqa” (stealthily) as the saying goes in Maltese – over the long weekends of the feast of San Paolo Naufrago and Carnival.

These are the photos – rolled out in a video – of the first of these trekking experiences: Medieval Sicily. A piece on the 2nd trip will follow.

Medieval Sicily Trek

During this hiking experience we visited Raddusa, Castello Gresti (or Castello Pietratagliata) in Aidone, Parco / riserva naturale Rossomanno- Grotta Scura- Bellia, Piazza Armerina and La Valle del Bove on Etna.

We stayed at Torre di Renda which used to be the Bishop’s seat in the 17th century, extending over 130,000 metres of woodlands and nestled in the Erean Mountains in central / south Sicily; waking up every morning to a spectacular sun-rise over the silhouette of Piazza Armerina and its magnificent cathedral.