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Dear Members,

Welcome | Introduction

We’d like to start by bidding a warm welcome to all our new members. We continue to see significant increases not only in our social media members but, more inportantly, in our registered members who through your membership contribute to the projects that XirCammini has embarked on. A heartfelt thank you.

Universal Peace Walk 1543AD

We are pleased to report that, following a phased approval by the authorities to install the waymarks, we have started to install them today. This process is expected to take a couple of months and we hope to have all of them in place before the 12th March walk .

We are also pleased to announce that the guidebook complete with Credencial for the Universal Peace Walk 1543AD is also in the final pre-printing stages and will also be available for all participants of the walk on 12th March 2023.

Guidebook Cover

Local Walking Events

We write this as James is nursing a bruised cartridge and inflamed ligament and has sady missed a couple of the weekly walks. Thank you John Darmanin for stepping in.

So looking forward to joining on the Comino trek next week (which is now fully booked). If you have registered for it and are not on the WhatsApp Group, then please check your emails to follow the link and join the WhatsApp Group.

For all other events please consult the Events tab on our website.

I also want to thank Don for leading the CSR gorup events we have from companies. These are becoming more and more popular and help supplement XirCammini income diverted towards our heritage projects. If you work for or know of companies that might be interested in such events please do let us know.

CSR Event 28th Jan 2023 | Majjistral Park

Overseas Hiking Events

If you are interested in any of the hiking event we urge you to register following the available links per event because they are filling up fast.

|Overseas Events:

  • February 2023: Sicilia Mare Neve (e Vino) in February is fully booked and closed.
  • March 2023: The Via Del La Plata (Camino de Santiago) from March 25th to March 31st from Ourense to Santiago de Compostela has space for 6 more pilgrims. If you are interested please follow this link to register for it and pay the deposit.
  • March/April 2023: The Camino Portugues (from either Porto or Valenca/Tui) from either the 31st March (Porto) or 5th April (Valenca) to Santiago de Compostela has space for 8 – 10 more pilgrims depending on which one you opt for. If you are interested please follow this link (Porto) or this link (Valenca/Tui) to register for it and pay the deposit.
  • May/June 2023: The Cammino di San Francesco from La Verna to Assisi is fully booked.
  • June/July 2023:  The Pollino – Sila trip can accommodate more people so there are still quite a few places left on it. This will be a lovely mix of trekking and water rafting plus the usual southern Italian gourmet experiences. If you are interested in this event please follow this link to register and pay the deposit.
  • August 2023: Having only just launched a second offering of the Irish trekking adventure (Tochar Phadraig, Cliff of Moher, Mean Min Pilgrimage, Church Island/Lough Cara etc.) from the 14th – 21st Aug ( the 21st – 28th Aug is already fully booked), registrations are coming in fast! There are only 4 places left on to the 14th = 21st Aug trip. If you are interested in this event please follow this link to register and pay the deposit.
  • September 2023: Transumanza (trekking with the sheep) in Italy will take place in early September (6th – 10th Sept). There are quite a few places left on this trek and you can also invite guests to it. If you are interested in this event please follow this link to register and pay the deposit.
  • San Salvador Camino in Spain will take place between the 20th and 27th September. We have to limit places on this one because some areas a relatively remote, posing accommodation/logistical issues. We are still able to offer it with the daily baggage transport service. The maximum number of persons on this trip is 14 persons and trhere are already 6 who are booked. If you are interested in this event please follow this link to register and pay the deposit.

Heritage Hiking Projects

In addition to all of the above local and overseas hiking activities we continue to work on a number of heritage hiking projects of local and regional interest. We are also receiving significant inquiries from overseas and continue to meet and host visitors on walks, particularly ones who share  a similar passion for heritage and/or faith-related hiking.

Looking Ahead?

With the sudden increased momentum in what we are doing, it is felt now more than ever that we need to consolidate our activities and processes through our own NGO office. Work on this commenced quite some time ago and (more) slowly but also surely we do foresee that by the end of Q2-2023 a humble office, complete with a small Camino Chapel (il-Kappella tal-Vjaġġ), will be in place. Divine Providence is playing a big part in this.

Also, it is becoming increasingly clear that our focus from 2024 needs to be consolidated on what we do best, i.e. Caminos. Already actively researching, walking, leading and/or supporting Caminos and/or their recognised NGOs in Ireland, UK, Spain, Italy and Switzerland (the list keeps growing) our focus for the coming years will zero in on Caminos.  So, on 2023 we will be actively engaging with our members to better understand whether we should sharpen our focus  on Caminos even more to serve you better. There are many other very valid groups locally and or overseas that deliver high-quality generic overseas trekking or outdoor adventure experiences without the heritage or faith focus. We respect and encourage all of them in their endeavours, as well as our members participating in activities of other groups. Only good can come out of physical exercise and social interaction with like-minded people in our respective pursuit of health, well-being and happiness wherever or whoever the provider may be.

In the meantime, if any one has any questions on our activities or plans please do not hesitate to get in touch either through email, social media or drop us a line.

Needless to say, we look forward to continue interacting with you on our regular walks.

James & Tucc