Still More May 2022 News (Updated 17th May)

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I’m pleased to update you on membership news and activities.

Universal Peace Walk 1543AD | Volunteers

I want to thank all of those who put their names forward as volunteers to assist in the Universal Peace Walk 1543AD effort. We will be in touch with you later on in June to start working on the project together in July.

I’m pleased to inform you that the local councils have also, in the main, responded positively and we have meetings scheduled with most of them who are on the route.

I am conscious that we have missed the date to distribute the Universal Peace Walk  certificates since these were delivered after the social event. We’ll plan another event towards the end of June (or merge it with our end of season trek and swim event) to distribute the certificates as well.

Overseas Treks | Food Intolerance & Teeshirt Size Form

Amalfi (June 2022), Camino Primitivo (Jul / Aug 2022) and the Tochar Phadriag (Irish Camino, Aug 2022) are fully booked. All those who are coming are in the respective WhatsApp Group.

Those who have not yet settled their dues please do so by internet banking to XirCammini (IBAN: MT43APSB77013000000042921110018). For those who prefer to settle by mobile banking or Revolut, it is also possible to direct your payment to the said IBAN number (the process is explained under the Membership section below). Please quote your name and what you are paying (e.g. Joe Borg Amalfi) in the payment reference box so that we can allocate the payment. Thanks.

Can the participants of each of these event please fill in the attached forms?:


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Food Allergies, intolerances or preferences
Shirt Size


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Food Allergies, intolerances or preferences
Shirt Size

Tochar Phadraig (Irish Camino)

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Food Allergies, intolerances or preferences
Shirt Size

By early June we will also be finalizing and reverting on the Isole Eiolie treks of September.

Local Treks Itinerary

This is the itinerary until the end of May:

Wed 18th MayP14619:00Rabat loop/ Rabat / Wied Hazrun/ Dingli Cliffs / RabatModDominican Priory in Rabat
Saturday 21st MayP14714:00Mellieha / Selmun Palace / down path to Mistra Bay/ along coast facing St Paul Island/clay slopes/Mgiebah Bay/ up to MelliehaModWellbees supermarket (ex-Bellevue), Mellieha
Wed 25th MayP14819:00Wied Qannotta loop/ into valley behind Scotts/ left up to small chapel/ on to ridge/ turn on to rd/ turn L/ then sharp L in from Castello dei Baroni/…Mod.Scotts supermarket /Burmarrad
Saturday 28 MayP14916:00Siggiewi / Salib tal Gholja / Gebel Ciantar / Bronze Age Silos/Fawwara/Mt Carmel Chapel/Tal Providenza Chapel /SiggiewiModSiggiewi Parish Church

In early June we do not have walks because some of us will be travelling to Amalfi. We will write to you again before we meet for our final Trek (and Swim) for the season.

Membership Dues

As you are aware membership is split between a June and a December tranche. The June tranche is coming up for renewal.

Regrettably Din L-Art Helwa are increasing their fees in 2022 and, as a result, we will not be contributing our membership towards din the l-Art Helwa Foundation since XirCammini will not be increasing its fees. We will maintain the Euros 20 per person per annum.

The following are the changes with respect to membership:

  • All memberships due in June will be automatically extended to December 2022 at no extra fee. All memberships will expire/ be due in December.
  • The annual fee will remain Euros 20 per person.
  • It will no longer be tied to Din L-Art Helwa membership. The cards you have are valid until expiry, New cards will be issued for all members in December 2022.

Another very important change is that we will no longer be accepting cash or cheques whether for membership or for any activities that we have. All payments must be submitted via internet banking.

Many are familiar with mobile and Revolut payments. These are still possible modes of payment to our bank account. For example, with Revolut one just has to follow these simple instructions: For Revolut users: tap ‘Payments’ → ‘Transfers’ → ‘Send’ → ‘+ New’ → ‘Add a bank recipient’. You’ll be asked to add the bank transfer details. In this case these are name: XirCammini Bank: APS Bank, Address: you can input just Malta if requested. The important thing to input is the IBAN number: MT43APSB77013000000042921110018

Similar instructions apply for other mobile banking devices such as APS Bank.

The reason why we are adopting this approach is because it reduces the risk of human error and delays in processing payment. Above all, payments processed through a single electronic source also greatly improve governance. As an NGO we are audited and this improves our diligence processes without imposing a strain on our volunteer resources.

Photo Competition

As advised earlier we are running a photo competition to collect photos from pilgrims walking the Camino de Santiago during the Jubilee Years 2021 or 2022 for a XirCammini Calendar 2023. In addition to the pleasure of having a photo featured in a 2023 Calendar a Euros 50 voucher will be gifted to each winning entry selected for the Calendar.

The closing date of submissions is November 20th, 2022:

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please add international prefix preceded by +
Number of photos
Please add a description (or location) of each photo
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 5 files.
Please upload a maximum of 2 photos (10 Euros) or 5 photos (20 Euros) from your Camino Experience. The closing date is the last Sunday of the Iiturgical year 2022 (i.e. 20th November 2022).