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Shared by Johnnie Walker Santiago | Reflections by Fr. Denis McBride

For those of you fond of both the Camino de Santiago and that which is Celtic and isosteric, then this reflection is for you. Enjoy

Dear Friends

For the last 10 years I have set off on a Lenten Camino the day after Ash Wednesday. This year it was not to be. The Camino is closed, no travel is permitted outside of Galicia and many other regions and the vaccination programme has hardly started. I must confess to feeling a little sorry for myself when my friend Fr Denis McBride sent me an invitation to join him for a 20 minute reflection. It is wonderful. One discerning friend has already written to say that it is a “masterpiece”.

Enjoy it. For those suspicious of the title…just listen!

Stay well land keep safe | With love from Santiago