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Valle delle Ferriere, Amalfi

Updated Itinerary

We are updating the itinerary to include our Q3-2022 events.

These are the upcoming events between the end of June and the end of August 2022 in the run up of the last overseas trek for this summer – Isole Eiolie from the 7th to the 14th of September 2022:

For the trek and swim of the 25th June 2022, we can all bring some fruit, nibbles, wine or soft drinks to share after the trek. We can leave these in the car next to Selmun Palace and – those who wish to hang around afterwards – we can spend some time together after enjoying the trek and swim. Those intending to swim, please bring a drybag so that we attempt to cross to the Gzejjer ta San Pawl jelly fish permitting.

In addition to the above calendar of events, we will still be adding other mid-week evening walks like the ones led by Don and John recently. These will be uploaded by them on the XirCammini Group on Facebook. The next one should be on Thursday 30th June since Wednesday is a feast-day. Check the XirCammini Group on Facebook for more information.

Blessing of the Shells | Overseas Caminos

On Friday 15th July we will be celebrating mass and blessing of the shells for the Camino Primitivo, Spain and the Tochar Phadraig, Ireland. Followinig mass we will have a Pasta Night get-together (more information to follow), This event is open to all XirCammini members and their spouses, partners and friends. We will also be distributing the Universal Peace Walk Certificates during this social evening.

On 18th July some of us will embark on the Camino Primitivo and on the 14th August on the Tochar Phadraig,

Our last overseas trek for the Summer season will be the Isole Eiolie.