Pasta Night

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As mentioned in the latest newspiece we are having a Pasta Night on the 15th July after the Blessing of the Shells for the Camino Primitivo and the Tochar Phadraig. Evening mass is generally at 18:30; so the Pasta Night can start by 19:30. The event is open to all XirCammini members, their spouses, partners, friends etc (not just for those embarking on the Caminos). It is an opportunity for us to get to know each other better and to enjoy each others company.

We will also be distributing the Universal Peace Walk certficates on that evening.

Cost is 15 Euros for Pasta and water. Feel free to bring own wine, beer or soft drinks.

To help us manage logisitics and food requirements can you please fill in the form below:

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Pasta Choice
All sauces will be lactose/dairy free.
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