Members’ MailShot: November 2022

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Belated Happy All Saints Day!

Corpus | Mens | Anima

This is an important date for XirCammini because on 1st November 2018 we submitted the application to become a NGO. Little did we know that within a few years XirCammini would have over 260 registered members and over 1,300 members on social media! More importantly, beyond these numbers, we are pleased to be providing an avenue for so many through our local and overseas walks to exercise physically, interact socially and to explore spiritually.

2023 Membership Renewal

You will recall that we froze membership renewal payments earlier in the year so that we streamline all of these in one season. That season is now with us, so can we please ask you to settle your annual membership before the end of November? The membership fee of є 20 is for a year (January – December 2023). Your contributions help us in the projects that we are currently rolling out, one of which is the Universal Peace Walk 1543AD. Others are in the pipeline.

How do you pay the membership fee? Please pay by electronic (or mobile) banking directly to XirCammini’s bank account (IBAN number: MT43APSB77013000000042921110018). If you are paying from an APS account, then please just input the account number (42921110018) and not the full IBAN number.

For those more comfortable settling through Revolut, simply follow these instructions: tap ‘Payments’ → ‘Transfers’ → ‘Send’ → ‘+ New’ → ‘Add a bank recipient’. You’ll be asked to add the bank transfer details. In this case these are name: XirCammini Bank: APS Bank, Address: you can just input Malta if requested. It is important to input the IBAN number: MT43APSB77013000000042921110018. There is a similar protocol for similar mobile modes of payment such as BOV mobile pay.

Please always include your name in the payment reference. This will help us when reconciling the bank statement with the membership register. Thank you.

Universal Peace Walk | 27th Nov | App

We are pleased to inform you that the App for the Universal Peace Walk 1543AD is available in the Google App store. The one for Apple will take a bit longer to deliver but we are hoping to also have this in the App store before the end of the year.

A special thanks goes to Fr Walter Vassallo ofm for developing the App and  Rituccia Portelli for providing the quality of text per waymark in the App.

Can I please ask all of you to:

It is very important to rate the App please because this improves the visibility of it in the Google App Store. So please rate it as soon as you download it. Thanks.

Those of you coming for the Universal Peace Walk 1543AD on 27th November, we will be issuing instructions shortly via a separate email shot.

Inner Harbour Christmas Charity Initiative

Having started this initiative some years ago, we are so pleased that it has caught ground thanks to the generosity of our members and their friends.

The formula is very simple:

  • When doing your weekly shop in early December, buy a separate shopping bag which we would then provide to an inner harbour parish for distribution to needy families.
  • Indicatively, one spends not more than є 25 on this shopping bag.
  • The bag is to contain 5 items consisting of:
    1. 1 item of toiletries (i.e., shampoo, soap etc.)
    2. 1 item of drink (i.e. bottle of juice, coffee etc). No alcohol please.
    3. 1 time of Christmas cheer (cake, chocolate, mince pies etc.) These need to be well packed, preferably individually and long life
    4. 1 item of baby or ladies personal hygiene (i.e. nappies, tampons etc.)
    5. 1 item of baby food (baby food jars or milk formula)

We will inform you of collection points in Malta on 17th December in our mailshot of December. The bags can be delivered to either one of the designated collection points on the 17th Dec a.m. or else bring them with you when you come for the walk on the afternoon of 17th December.

Save the Date

You may have noticed on the Itinerary that we are planning evening drinks on 21st December 2022. Please save the date in your diary for a 19:30ish start, we will be providing further details of venue in our mailshot in early December.

Looking forward to seeing you on one of our upcoming treks.