Lejla fl-Ghalqa

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John and Jacqueline Cutajr have kindly invited the Nebrodi Neve (Feb), Amalfi (June) and Tochar Phadraig (Aug) groups to a Lejla fl-Ghalqa on Friday 8th July 2022. We would meet next to the Maqghluba Church and then walk to their field. Timing will be confirmed closer to the date via a WA group that we’ll form.

John and Jacqueline will kindly provide the BBQ set and chicken wings/legs. We will all take care of the rest (both in terms of food/drink and what we eat/drink in/from).

Those who are interested in joining, can you please fill this form as early as practicable, preferably before end of Day Monday 27th June so that we can distribute well and equitably what people are to bring. Looking forward to your replies:

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I can bring
We will let you know the numbers and firm up what to bring as soon as we firm up the numbers. But your indication of what you can bring would be greatly helpful. Thanks.