Coronavirus emergency: can you trek or perform outdoor activities? (#2)

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Massimo Clementi [source]

This is a useful think-piece by Massimo Clementi ( coming from a country currently in lock down because of Covid 19. The underlying message remains the same as expressed in our think-piece on the same subject ( i.e. to “Keep Calm | Act Sensibly | Exercise Self-Discipline | Carry on”.

This morning the Official Gazette published the new Prime Minister’s Decree which extends the provisions and limitations previously applicable to Lombardy and the other provinces referred to as the “Red Zone” to all of Italy.

We made a general examination of the current provisions for the containment of the spread of Coronavirus. In this article we want to focus on sports activities and, in particular, on non-competitive outdoor activities, such as trekking, Nordic walking and mountain biking.

For these disciplines where there is an area of doubt in ​​the legislation, it is important to achieve clarity and to understand what can be undertaken safely and what must be avoided.

What are the activities that are definitely prohibited

Article 1 – paragraph 3 of the Prime Minister’s Decree, which came into force this morning, expressly prohibits all types of competitive and non-competitive sports activities, in any sports facility. The following is articulated in a way that it leaves no doubts:

Sports events and competitions of all kinds and disciplines are suspended, in public or private places. Professional and non-professional athletes can use gyms / training grounds behind closed doors where it is recognized as being of national interest by the Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI) and by their respective federations

This provision:

1. Prohibits all sporting events, competitions and competitions of all types, both in professional and amateur settings; but

2. Training of professional athletes is allowed only if recognized by CONI or their respective Federations of interest, in view of future sporting competitions, such as the Olympics.

The rule continues by providing further indications for outdoor sports: these activities can be carried out provided that the minimum distance of one metre between the practitioners is respected and without prejudice to the prohibition of gatherings of people. The same article states that:

“… sports and physical activities carried out outdoors are allowed only on condition that it is possible to respect for the interpersonal distance of one metre …

Leaving the house to go walking alone, or with the people with whom we share a house, and immersing yourself in nature or in a street outside the centre is not only allowed but it could be a great way to combat the stress and anxiety of these days.

All those who are fortunate enough to be in mountain or countryside locations will be able to take advantage of these days to take long walks in nature.

Staying indoors may not be pleasant, but it is a necessary measure to stop the spread of Coronavirus. Trekking outdoors can be a valid alternative that allows you to recover physical and mental balance in these days.

Let’s try to make a short list to better understand what you can do without risk:

  • Go walking in nature and, in any case, away from crowded areas.
  • Go walking alone or with the people you share your home with.
  • Avoid crowded places and city centres.
  • Take advantage of green areas that are located near your homes.
  • In any case, respect the distance of one metre.

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