Universal Peace Walk 1543AD Guidebook with integrated Krendenzjal


A point-of-interest by point-of-interest description all contained in a pocket-sized guide-book with integrated Kredenzjal.

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The guide-book provides a short description of each point-of-interest, be it the Cathedral, wayside chapels, parish churches, palaces and other historical buildinge en-route.

Including also some practical tips for hikers in Malta, the guide-book is pocket sized to fit in backpack side-pockets and comes in a thicker gram paper and gloss finish.

The inside back-cover opens up into a Kredenzjal for stamping. The unwritten law is that a stamp is obtained towards the beginning of one’s journey and another at the end of journey, but many pilgrims endeavour to obtain a stamp from every town or village they traverse.

Typically stamps can be procured from the local councils, post offices and village band clubs.

The cost of the guide-book with integrated Kredenzjal is €12. This also covers the cost of the Testimonium for pilgrims who complete the walk.