Christmas Drinks & Charity Event – 15th December 2023


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Christmas Drinks | Inner Harbour Area Charity Event | Level: Mod | Meeting Place: TBA | P243

Christmas Drinks 15th Dec

The date on this changed from Saturday 16th to Friday 15th in the evening.

The venue will be at The Dome in Mosta (same as the earlier event) where we will have the first and second floor plus terrace reserved for us. Nibbles will again be provided and we then all pay for our drinks.

Interested? Please complete this registration link to join. We look forward to having you with us.

Inner Harbour Charity Event

We are thinking of changing (adding to) the annual charity event that we have in aid of inner harbour families.

With Advent starting soon (a mini-Lent preceding Christmas), you can donate goods weekly during our Saturday walks (to John, Tucc or myself) or you can bring the bag to the Christmas Drinks on the 15th December.

So, if you wish to

1.) donate goods ‘by instalments’ you can bring an item of food, sanitary item or item of ‘good cheer’ (these are defined below) you can item every time we meet for a Wed or Sat Walk. You can also bring a whole bag to one of the walks closer to the date (but always before) the 15th December 2023; or

2.) Donate a whole bag on the 15th December 2023 during the Christmas Drinks.

Same rules for items or the whole bag apply as in previous yearsm i.e.:

  1. How much you spend for a ‘whole bag’ is up to you. Typically one is spending between Euros 20 and Euros 30.
  2. What items go into the bag (or you bring individually during the walks?: Food that is either tinned, dried or conserved with a long shelf-life. (Please do not bring fresh food with a short shelf life). | Packaged Long-Life Milk or Juices or concentrates (no carbonated / soft drinks or alcohol please) | Sanitary items such as nappies, sanitary pads, tampons, toothpaste, soap, shampoo etc. | items of good cheer include Panettone, mince pies, Christmas pudding etc.
  3. You can either aggregate a bag with one item from each of the above categories or you can bring individual items adding up to a ‘bag’ during the course of the walks leading up to the 15th Dec.

You can start this with immediate effect from the walk of Saturday 11th November 2023. This year we will not have the collection points by cars spread out throughout the island on one day. Please donate either during the walks leading up to the 15th December or during the event of the 15th December 2023. Thank you.