Off with a Bang!

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Camino Maltes/ Universal Peace Walk 1543AD: A Cambridge dictionary definition of “Off with a Bang!” explains an event as , “very exciting and successful.” This aptly describes the Camino Maltés / Universal Peace Walk 1543AD®event on Sunday, 12th March.

The reason why it was so positive, very exciting and successful boils down to the participation and lively interaction of each and every one of you. It was so heartening watching pilgrim-hikers making new friends. Everybody, irrespective of age, nationality, gender or social strata blended into one group of pilgrims fixed more on enjoying the journey than reaching the destination (which we all also did eventually).

Local Events: The Victoria Lines walk scheduled for Friday, 7th April will be on Saturday, 8th April instead. Victoria Lines will require registration simply for those requiring transport. The link is included below.

Overseas Events: The overseas events in this year’s Calendar that still have space for more hikers are Pollino/Aspromonte (29th Jun – 5th Jul) and Transumanza (6th – 10th Sept). These are organised by VaiColTrekking on behalf of XirCammini. They are very interesting in that the Jun/Jul one will involve trekking, rafting and swimming in cascades in Basilicata and Calabria, Italy and the September one involves leading herds of sheep with shepherds in Umbria, Italy. Tucc and I will be joining both.

Camino Maltes/ Universal Peace Walk 1543AD

These are some photos from the event. More photos and your feedback are on the Camino Maltes website (

For those who missed the event and/or wish to take part in the next group walk, we are walking the Camino Maltes (not Universal Peace Walk) from Rabat to Birgu again on 31st March. We will be stopping halfway in Zurrieq for mass in the Church of St, James and continuing to Birgu after that. This is the link if you wish to register:

Those that registered for the event of 12th March and for some reason were unable to attend (and wish to join on 31st March) please do so. Can I please still ask you to register (using the above link) so that we streamline certificate and transport planning through the registration link? Thanks.

Those who intend to come please make our life a little bit easier (because significant planning and administration goes into organising these event). Please register before Friday 24th March 2023. Thank you.

The few who walked with us on 12th March and have not received the certificate, please accept our renewed apologies. These are being processed with the print-run for the 31st March 2023.

Beyond the Camino Maltés

Many are already asking about when we will be continuing Sicily and/or Sardegna and Spain after the Camino Maltés as group walks. The irons are already in the fire and, Sicily, as the next group Camino is at a fairly advanced stage of planning whereas intense discussions are on-going regarding Sardegna to iron out local logistics and accommodation demand and supply. We would like the Cammino di San Giacomo in Sicilia and the Cammino Santu Jacu in Sardegna be a reality for us from 2024 and beyond.

Local Events

Turnout for our Wed and Sat walks is healthy and we have also added Camino training for those participating in our group Caminos. These are on Tuesdays.

The Victoria Lines event on 7th April has moved to the 8th of April. Those interested in participating in the Victoria Lines trek from Kuncizzjoni to Madliena please register by following this link:

Overseas Events

All our overseas activities with the exception on Pollino and Aspromonte (Italy) from the 29th Jun to 5th Jul and Transumanza, 6th – 10th Sept are fully booked.

Interested in them? Feel free to follow the link to book:

Pollino & Aspromonte:


Buen Camino

Looking forward to seeing you on our treks. Sincerely … James & Tucc