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Our Christmas Initiative – where we collect goodie baskets for inner harbour areas – has gained ground and helps many families every year, thanks to your generosity.

We have also always had (except for the Covid-19 lockdown period) a Good Friday walk that served as a morning of quiet recollection while still connecting with our circle of friends and trekking buddies. This year we intend to walk again on Good Friday – and also add a touch of generosity and positivity to it.

We will be teaming up with Smiling for Jerome and on the day of the walk members from the foundation will be collecting your donations. These go towards the work that they do with true heroes that walk with us in our everyday life.

Jerome’s mission is to put a smile on everyone’s face. The Foundation takes care of a closed group called TRUE HEROES across Malta and Gozo. This currently consists of around 425 members. The majority are parents whose children have serious illness (including cancer), acute disabilities, or special needs. Many of these children have life threatening conditions which have no cure available.

Smiling with Jerome Foundation volunteers undertake this work with a lot of love and without any salary, proving to the world that from thorns grow roses. And, we are all enriched by it. More information about Smiling With Jerome can be found here.

On 15th April, Good Friday, we will be meeting next to the Xarolla Windmill for an 08:30 a.m. departure. Please have your donations ready to hand to Smiling with Jerome volunteers then. We’ll walk through Carmel Street to the Zurrieq Parish Church where we allow 5 minutes for those who wish to visit the church. From there we’ll proceed through St. Catherine Street to Blue Grotto Avenue and cross over heading towards the Hal Millieri chapels of St. John the Evangelist and the Annunciation. From the Hal Millieri Chapels we’ll walk past ic_cimiterju ta’ l-Ars (a plague cemetary that has been lovingly restored by the Qrendi Local Council), Chapel of St. Katerina tat-Torba, Il-Gnien tal-Kmand (the Luitenant’s Garden given by King George III), Kappella tas-Salvatur (Redeemer Chapel), it-Torri tal-Kaptan, the Parish Church of St. Mary, Chapel of St. Anne, Chapel of St. Matthew of Maqluba and then we loop back to Zurrieq via the Sanctuary of Madonna tal-Hniena. The Mayor of Qrendi, Mr. David Schembri will be accompanying us on this walk

We should reach our cars by 13:30.

This event is open to members and non-members. Join us and donate for a great cause. However, we kindly ask people who will be joining us to register, using this link:

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15th April 2022
We require registration for the wlak to be able to manage numbers in view of the prevailing Covid-19 situation.
You can either donate in cash on the day. Members of the Foundation will be joining us. Or you can send your donations directly to the foundation,Smiling with Jerome, via Revolut or BOV Mobile Banking on 99872002 or IBAN IBAN MT30 VALL 2201 3000 0000 4002 5276 992
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