Pilgrimage Tips from the Jacobean Council

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The following is a translated excerpt from the latest meeting (25th June) of the Jacobean Council regarding re-commencing the Camino.

“The Executive Commission of the Jacobean Council held its second meeting on June 25 during the health crisis with the aim of preparing the Camino de Santiago before its re-activation in the “new normality”.

The importance of offering the pilgrim information on the new situation of the Camino de Santiago during the health crisis was one of the prevalent conclusions of the Commission.

To this end, we highlight:


Recommendations for the Camino de Santiago during the health crisis COVID-19

The Jacobean Council includes in this section all the recommendations that may be useful for pilgrims and all agents of the Camino de Santiago during the health crisis with the aim of minimizing the risks of contagion. The fulfillment of all these recommendations will contribute to allow the continuity of the Camino during the duration of the pandemic.

It is necessary to take into account that, in the state of new normality, each Autonomous Community can establish its own rules regarding capacity restrictions, group activities, public transport, etc. which can be consulted in the links in the right column.

If you are thinking of doing the Camino, download these tips to help you on your pilgrimage:

Before Departing
On the Camino
Applicable to the Albergue


Where in doubt please always err on the side of prudence. The Camino has been with us for centuries and will be with us after this episode. Life is more fragile.

Buen Camino.