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On the homepage we have added 2 ‘quick-link’ icon. One is the Logo of the Associations of the Way of St James and the other to the Universal Peace Walk.

Associations of the Way of St. James

XirCammini is proud to announce its corroboration with the Associations of Friends of the Way of St. James, joining the ranks of over 150 Camino associations emanating from all 5 continents and committed to servicing the Camino de Santiago de Compostela.

You can find us by typing in Malta on the directory of the Association of the Friends of the Way:

The Associations of the Friends of the Way of St. James know their beginning in 1950. It was first founded in Paris by a group of historians of art, archivists and specialists in medieval literature; all eager to propagate the long history of the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, its manifestations and the role it had played in the evolution of Europe.

Read more about this either by clicking the link on our home page or here:

Universal Peace Walk 1543 AD

A date has been set for Sunday 22nd November 2020, which is the weekend closest to the winter feast of Saint Catherine since the walk ends in the old parish church of Casale Sta. Katerina (present-day Zejtun).

We will continue to update this link with the latest news and announcements as we approach the event.

Life is a journey | keep walking | Keep smiling | Keep safe.