A New Milestone!

Today marks a very important milestone for XirCammini and the Camino Maltés. Read about it by following this link om the Camino Maltes website..

XirCammini in the News .. in Sardegna

Camino Maltés: 300 Pilgrims | 15 nationalities Having officially launched the Camino Maltés in January 2023 through a Ministerial Press conference in Fort St Angelo, work started in earnest to…

Time flies when you’re having fun!

It seemed like yesterday when – last October we rolled out the 2022/2023 itinerary of local and oversease treks. As I write this piece we are more than half way…

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21st March 2023

Evening Mass and Blessing of the Shells (thank you Tiziana for painting 80 shells!): DEDICATION 6:30pm Tuesday Kristu RxoxtResurrection of Jesus Pembroke Followed by an Q&A opportunity in the Pembroke…